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Solar heating for swimming pools

Solar Revolutions is the official exclusive distributor for Solar Sun Rings throughout France and Italy
All our products are guaranteed - buy with confidence from the official distributor and official retailers.


Old-fashioned Solar Covers are effective in retaining heat on swimming pools and producing some heat, but if you ask a solar cover manufacturer how much heat a solar cover produces, as we have, they will generally tell you one of three things:

  • They do not know
  • They cannot quantify it, or most amazingly of all...
  • They do not produce heat at all but just allow the sun to heat the pool

Well Solar Sun Rings are different. The manufacturers of Solar Sun Rings know exactly what their product does and how many BTUs it produces, possibly because it works so well. The blue layer in the Solar Sun Ring absorbs 50% of the sunlight and converts that into heat, the other 50% is allowed to pass through for deep water heating.

Independent tests at the National Pool Research Centre in California have shown that Solar Sun Rings are rated at 21,000 BTUs for each ring per day.

Solar Sun Rings are the most efficient solar collectors, generate the greatest heat benefit to a pool per square foot, require no additional energy and are inexpensive.

Easy to use; effective; attractive; low cost; eco-friendly...To learn more about the benefits, technical data and independent test results - click here

The Skamper-Ramp, the luxurious Lounge Seat and other great products

Solar Revolutions will be introducing a range of high quality new products that we are sure you will LOVE...

Las Vegas Show 2nd Place New Products Award!Pool & Spa Readers Choice!
The Skamper-Ramp wins 2nd Prize at 2008 Las Vegas Pool Exhibition. Twice voted in Top 50 Pool Products By Pool and Spa Readers


Far too many animals fall into pools accidently and drown because they cannot escape. If you love your dog or cat, or just hate the thought of any animal getting stuck in your pool, then the Skamper-Ramp is for you. Its also ideal for boats and marinas.
Get peace of mind with the award winning Skamper-Ramp. Click here to learn more

Lounge Chairs

The super cool, high tech and chic Lounge Chairs now available in grey, dark grey and orange. They come with a shoulder bag and are ideal for the garden, pool, beach and indoors watching TV and playing computer games. They are incredibly comfortable, a superb chair and an ideal gift!
Relax with a Lounge Chair. Click here to learn more


Do you get bored sitting in the sun? Kids want something to do? Or perhaps you just love golf? Well now everyone can have fun chipping the balls over the swimming pool or around the garden with the brilliant Aqua-Golf.
Fun for everyone!


Looking for something special for the winter season? Tired of standing waist-deep in snow with nothing to do? Well check out the sensational new Airboard - a downhill inflatable sled for kids and adults alike. Read on...