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The Airboard in action

The Airboard is not your grandma's toboggan...

Have you ever caught an awesome ocean wave on a boogie board? Maybe you've always wanted to, but are landlocked and happen to live near hills or mountains. Take that exhilarating freedom and motion, add snow, a slope, and you're ready to discover the Airboard. The Airboard is a new piece of gear for recreating on snow. Durable, easy to control, and capable of achieving awesome speed, the Airboard is fit for backcountry adventure or your favorite inbounds ski slope.

Airboard offers a completely new winter experience and is fast defining the latest snow sport, "snow body-boarding." Groomers, powder, bumps, kickers, and yes, even half pipes, are all viable venues for the Airboard. Made of a super-durable urethane impregnated nylon material, the Airboard inflates in less than 3 minutes with its own hand pump.

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