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Aqua-Golf Game

Aqua-Golf - Fun for everyone

Now you can enjoy one of the most exciting shots in golf, hitting a golf ball over water on to an island green. Get an Aqua-Golf Game for your pool now.

Use your golf club and try to land the Velcro®-covered ball on the green. Play closest to the pin with your family and friends.

Aqua-Golf® is a fun way to learn the game of golf, practice, or just spend time around the pool. It's great for parties, pool side gatherings, or by yourself. You don't have to get in the water to enjoy Aqua-Golf®, and it is attractive even when not in use.

Aqua-Golf® uses a 1m x 1.6m floating laminate of artificial turf and foam that is contoured to have the look and feel of a golf course green. The colourful nylon pin is attached to the green with Velcro®, which makes changing pin locations easy.

Aqua-Golf - a challenge

Twelve (12) floating Wiffle® practice balls come in 4 different colors for easy player identification. Each ball has Velcro® strips bonded to it to allow the ball to stay on the green. The balls are chipped from an 18 x 24 in. artificial grass mat that can be placed on the pool side deck.

  • Chip Velcro®-covered Wiffle® balls to a floating island green (Golf club not included.)
  • Play closest-to-the-pin with family and friends. Fun for golfers of all skill levels.
  • You don't have to get in the water to enjoy Aqua-Golf®. Use your skim net to retrieve floating balls.
  • Great for pools and gardens.
  • Made in the U.S.A., UV protected and chemically friendly. Made to last for many seasons.
Aqua-Golf - fun for all the family!