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Inflatable poolside or beach-ready Lounge Seat

Time to relax...

Fancy something a little different on the beach this year? Or putting something comfy by the pool?

How about an inflatably funky cool and chic Lounge Chair!

Durably constructed, easy to use and so comfortable, it's not surprising why the Lounge Chair is one of the fastest selling summer accessories around.

The Lounge Chair is something special!

  • Perfect for the home, beach, garden and poolside
  • Perfect for watching TV, playing computer games and listening to music
  • A super gift, plus...
  • Incredibly comfortable
  • Includes a handy carry-bag and hand-pump
  • Sturdy, durable construction
  • Adjustable positions
  • Rapid inflate/deflate valves

  • You will LOVE the Lounge Chair!

Price: 79 + 5 delivery
Click here to buy, own and love a Lounge Chair today!

L95 x W97 x H96 cm when inflated

Lounge Chair
Foot rest/Back support
Carry bag
Hand pump

Material and Construction:
K-80 PVC 0.50mm
Material embossed structure
HF welding
I-Beam Technology

Inflatable poolside or beach-ready Lounge Seat

Cool, comfortable and chic, Lounge Seat