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Frequently asked questions

How much does it cost to heat a swimming pool?

Naturally, this varies according to how large your pool is, where your pool is, what kind of pool you have, and your heating and insulation methods. In most areas, you'll need some kind of heating to keep the water comfortable. An unheated pool (again, in most places) will stay generally at about the average outdoor temperature. For the typical swimmer, a comfortable pool is around 25°C. Average yearly cost for heating a residential pool can easily be as high as €1500 using electrical resistance, and around €750 using an electric heat pump. Solar Sun Rings, with their low initial costs and exceptional efficiency, will help keep your pool warm using free sunlight and save you money.

How do Solar Sun Rings costs compare with other forms of pool heating?

A typical solar heating system costs from £3,000 to £5,000 installed. Compared with average fossil fuel heating, a solar pool heater offers a most favourable payback of about 4 to 7 years.

Please note that the actual cost of solar pool heating systems depends upon many factors - ease of installation, type of financing, location of pool in north or south, length of pool season desired and building code requirements. These variables cause price variations and the homeowner should talk to more than one dealer-installer when considering a purchase.

How do solar heaters work?

Imagine a garden hose that has been lying in the sun. When you turn on the faucet, out comes hot water. That's solar heating. The sun's energy has been absorbed by the hose and transmitted as heat to the water inside it. The hose acts as a solar collector.

Comfortable swimming water temperature is relatively low compared to other uses of hot water. This allows the use of simple, efficient solar collectors. Enter Solar Sun Rings.

How effective are Solar Sun Rings compared with other pool covers and solar blankets on the market?

By using the high quality polished vinyl for the top layer and a 50% density lightly frosted lower layer, Solar Sun Rings achieve a solar efficiency that greatly surpasses bubble pack covers.

The milky translucent inferior plastic used in bubble pack covers reflects much of the sun's energy and fails to allow adequate deep water heating. Solar Sun Rings design and materials allow greater solar efficiency with greater night time insulation due to greater captive air thickness. Solar Sun Rings were designed to safely heat swimming pools, not to cushion packages. The effect is that Solar Sun Rings with 70% to 80% coverage outperform bubble pack covers with 100% coverage.

How long will Solar Sun Rings last?

Solar Sun Rings have an expected lifetime of about 5 years.

How easy are Solar Sun Rings to maintain?

The Solar Sun Rings need little maintenance. Please check that they are correctly inflated and that the upper surface is clean to allow as much sunlight as possible to pass through. Depending on local conditions, every so often wash the Solar Sun Rings with a mild soapy solution.

What’s wrong with a traditional pool cover or solar blanket?

The bubble pack blanket is made from polyethylene, an opaque plastic. They generate almost no heat and what heat they do generate is surface heat. The general recommendation is to cut the blanket to precisely fit the swimming pool to get the maximum heat. This causes mustard algae due to lack of direct sunlight and alkalinity due to the inability of the decomposition products of the pool chemicals to escape into the atmosphere. The bubble pack solar blanket is inefficient.

How can Solar Sun Rings be stored?

Because the solar thermal genesis and insulation properties of Solar Sun Rings is so great, when they are removed from the pool, they must be stored out of direct sunlight to prevent overheating. Each Solar Sun Ring has an eyelet so that they can be hung from a hook. Alternatively, you can lay them flat on top of each other.

How safe are Solar Sun Rings?

No other floating solar cover matches Solar Sun Rings design for safety. Countless pets and many people have died because of entrapment with the one piece bubble pack covers. The primary design criteria of the Solar Sun Ring was to prevent entrapment.