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Instructions for use

Unwrapping a Solar Sun Ring

Step 1: Unpack and unfold

First thing: unpack your Solar Sun Rings and spread them out. Let them sit out flat for 15-30 minutes in the sun - this will give them a chance to loosen up after their life in the box and let the packing lines soften.

Inflating a Solar Sun Ring's outer band

Step 2: Inflate the outer ring

Open the valve on the outer ring and inflate - not all the way, just enough for the shape to hold. It shouldn't take more than four or five big puffs by an average adult

Inflating the inner area of a Solar Sun Ring's

Step 3: Inflate the inner circle

Inflate the inner ring area lightly - a couple of normal breaths by an average adult will usually suffice. Close the valve. Please note: Solar Sun Rings will perform best with the inner area only lightly inflated and the outer ring wholly inflated.

Scrunching up a Solar Sun Ring

Step 4: Scrunch it!

Solar Sun Rings will perform best when the air inside is evenly distributed. Once both inner and outer areas are inflated (again, don't inflate the inner circle too much), scrunch the whole ring into the size of a football to encourage the air in the inner area to be spread around evenly. Then, lay the ring out flat and examin it - you must try to create an even air gap across the ring and not have areas where the vinyl layers do not have a small air space between them.

Solar Sun Rings in place on the pool

Step 5: To the pool!

The SSRs are now ready for use. Place them onto the water's surface and allow them to float around. The SSRs will attach together because of magnetic stips within each outer ring.

What if it won't lie flat?

A couple of common problems

Not lying flat - a very common initial problem, with a very simple solution: let some of the air out of the inner circle. A small plastic tube has been provided to assist you.

Losing air - remember to close the valves on the inner and outer areas.

What if it won't lie flat?

Check your Solar Sun Rings

Settle in time - allow the SSRs a couple of days to settle in then check them. Look for sections in the inner area that are not seperated by an air space. If so, scrunch up the SSR again to help push the air around. You may need to adjust the amount of air.

Not lying flat - When an SSR is over inflated slightly the SSR will not lay flat and the outer ring will lift or get a kink in it like an upside down "V". These indications of over inflation will also indicate they are not heating correctly. The reason they do not heat well when over inflated is the contact of the blue layer of vinyl to the pool water is very reduced. The SSR heat best when there is just enough air in it to keep both layers separated.

What if it won't lie flat?

Using your Solar Sun Rings

Place them onto the water's surface and allow them to float around.

Each SSR has an eyelet which means you can hang them up from a hook when they are not being used. Alternatively you can lay them on top of each other.

NOTE - SSRs continue to work when in sunlight so please, store/hang them up out of direct sunlight. Otherwise it is possible that they overheat and could be damaged.