Solar Sun Ring Customer Testamonials:

I used to have a large bubble-cover to heat my pool.  It was very hard to get off and it fell apart.  My neighbour has solar sun rings and said that she really liked them.  I ordered 14 for my pool and I love them!  They are easy to take off and put back on the pool and they heat my pool to a very nice temperature and keep the heat in when it cools down at night. 
They are a life saver - because I do not have a pool heater!

Thanks so much for such a wonderful product.

Marla Soury
Tarzana, CA

In June of 2006 I received your product for use on my residential pool. I must admit that upon first unpacking the Solar Sun Ring I was very skeptical.
After reading through the instructions it was very easy to put the product to test on my pool. I put the SSR’s on my pool on a Tuesday afternoon; the pool temperature was 76 degrees. I checked the temperature again that weekend and it was 84 degrees! The Solar Sun Ring works great. 
In fact, they work too good - during the hot July we had, I left the covers on to cut down on the dust and tree debris and the pool got heated to the mid 90’s, a little too warm.

My wife and I love your product. It provides a very effective way to extend the use of our pool. For anyone who is looking for a pool heating system that is convenient to use and most importantly safe from entrapment issues, Solar Sun Rings is by far the most superior product on the market!

Thank you,
Paul L Nolta
Dr. Jolene C. Diez
Murrieta, CA

The rings are fantastic! You have a wonderful product and I have copied your brochure and I gave it to a few neighbours.

Veronica Brown
Coto de Caza, CA

After having the new design of the sun rings for a couple of weeks, I wanted to give you our feedback. 
I think I wrote to you right after we put them on that they were almost flat coming out of the packaging.  After a few days in the hot sun, they were all perfectly flat and look great on the pool. 
The water temperature increased from 67F to 81F in just 8 days with an outside temp in the mid 80s to low 90s.  We are in a pool study program evaluating chemicals through my work and teams of people come out to evaluate the pools often. 
I just received an email saying the pool looked great and was about 8F higher in temp than every other pool in the study. They were amazed at how well your product worked.

I also wanted to thank you on your quick and professional response to our concerns with the original product.  If you need a testimonial as you launch your new design, please feel free to contact me.  Thanks again.

Lori Alzamora
Newark, DE

I found the Solar Sun Rings at The Pool and Spa House in Tigard, OR.  They are located in the Metro Portland Oregon area. 
We're excited about Solar Sun Rings because they are so easy to handle on and off the pool.  The fact that we have an irregular shaped pool (an L shape) was another reason for our choice.  A conventional solar blanket would have been too cumbersome. 
We're thrilled with the results, think they're a great invention and highly recommend them.

DeeAnn Barker
Portland, Oregon

I am in my 2nd year of using solar sun rings and I am a convinced, satisfied customer. I feel that they saved me almost 40% on my gas pool heater bill. It also reduced my water loss due to evaporation and reduced the amount of chemicals I needed to use.
My wife and I also feel that they are easier to use than a large solar blanket. Thank you for bringing this quality product to market.
Gary Flood
Angola, IN

The new rings are perfect and warming my pool nicely. The family and I are very pleased. I will recommend your rings to family and friends that have pools. 

Thanks again!

Boyd Beamen
La Mirada, CA

I just wanted to say thanks for walking me through the inflation process over the phone on Thursday.  After inflating them correctly, they now float well on the surface of my pool. 
Here are the results of one day's worth of solar ring heating in combination with my heat pump -

Yesterday's pool temperature - 77 degrees
Today's pool temperature - 85 degrees

While my heat pump ran continuously for 24 hours, it has never heated the pool this fast.  Even on the hottest days, I never saw more than a 3 degree increase. 
I believe that the solar rings definitely helped increase the rate of heating.  Even during the night, the pool temperature increased one degree!
It seems clear that the solar rings have made a big difference in heating my pool.  When my heat pump eventually goes, I do not intend to purchase a new one, given the cost of new pumps and electricity.  At that point, I plan to use solar rings as my exclusive source of heat. 

Thanks again for your help.  Feel free to use my feedback on your website.

Steve Besner
Owings Mills, MD

I am a true fan of Solar Sun Rings.  My wife and I were in search of some sort of cover for our swimming pool.  We live in Northern California (Marin County) the day time temperature during swim season (mid May thru Sept.) is 80-90 and the evening temperature drops down into the 50's.  Thus we lose a lot of heat over night.  Our night time heat loss is further compounded by fact that we have a free form shaped pool with a beach on one side that extends out 10 feet towards the center.

We found your product on the Internet while searching for some sort of cover.  We bought 15 Solar Sun Rings (SSR) in May of 2006.  Immediately we were impressed for the following reasons:

1) My wife will not get in our pool unless the temperature is 85-90 and the SSR's brought the temperature up in our pool by 8-10 degrees.
2) Evaporation has been cut back.  Our water bill has dropped.  We live in Marin County and I believe we have the most expensive water in the state of California.

3) My PG&E bill (power bill) has dropped.  Our pool heating before SSR's was achieved by running our solar panels 8 hrs. a day.  Our run time now is cut in half.

4) We have two small children that are swimmers and a regular cover posed a real safety concern.  With the rings the danger of being caught below a cover is greatly reduced. They break apart.

5) SSR's are easy to put in and take out! 

6) No ugly expensive reel and cover sitting by the side of my pool.  Easy storage with SSR's.

7) No algae build up like you would get with an old fashion cover.

It is my opinion that once the word gets out on this product, regular swimming pool covers will become obsolete.  Please let me know when your stock is about to go public. 


Mark Slovensky
Marin County, CA
Very happy SSR owner!

As per conversation with your Customer Service Department today I am writing this letter to express the following:
The solar sun rings have reduced my gas consumption over 70% in heating the pool. Last July the cost to heat the pool was nearly $600.00 . Gas prices have increased over 25% in the past year and my gas bill for the month of July was less than $200.00. The average temperature for the month of July has been about the same as it was last year as per info written on gas bill.
The warranty department was great as well - I had a problem with several of the rings and the Warranty Department is sending out some new rings as part of the warranty.

Evan Klein
Pittsburgh, PA

Dear Lora,

This is Mark & Joyce Skukowski from Sarasota Fl. with “Enjoy Your Pool Service”. We met you and Richard at the Pool & Spa Expo in Orlando, Fl this past year.  When we were introduced to your product, we thought “this is too good to be true!”

After receiving the order for our pool, we were so excited!  The first day we gained six degrees in our pool temperature.  We now average eight to nine degrees above any pool with no other heat source! With our heat pump on and the pool set at 90 degrees we only lose 2 to 4 degrees at night when the pool is shut down at night, pools with no type of cover can lose 12 or more degrees at night.

As you know, most pool maintenance people hate the removal and replacement of solar blankets.  The solar rings can be left in the pool and moved around to clean the pool – making our jobs easier!  They have also cut down on evaporation – less hoses to be left running and turned off.

A great selling point to our customers is the easy storage. They fold up – or can be hung on a hook in the shade of a patio. We are so happy we met!

We really look forward to promoting your product and developing a great business relationship!

Mark & Joyce Skukowski
Sarasota, FL

I have used your product for about two years now and I would rate it as excellent (5 stars).

A few comments:

The rings work really well in heating the water and on cutting down on evaporation. They are also much easier to take off the pool and to stack than the standard pool covers. I have a large pool and one person can take 20 rings off in about 10 minutes.

I live in Santa Rosa CA, and I needed about 20 rings to get good coverage and heating for the 600 square-foot surface area pool. Santa Rosa is one hour north of San Francisco and the weather is a little cooler than in South Cal.

Last winter I put two hooks on the ceiling of my garage and put an 8 foot length of closet dowel between the hooks. I then threaded the solar rings by the big loop on the edge of the ring and let them hang there for the winter. It was no problem to take them down and re-inflate them for the coming season.

Finally, inflating the rings can be a little tricky. My system is to inflate the center of the ring a little more than what was needed and then I would put the little tube that allows the air to escape in the air inlet valve and then I would bunch up the ring to about the size of a soccer ball and then pull out the little tube and close the valve. I end up with just the right amount of air.

This is an excellent product that is very well designed. Great job!

Kevin Costello
Santa Rosa CA